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On the outside, Glooped! is no different than your average can of spray paint. Its what’s on the inside that counts!  

Every can of Glooped! has easy-to-read, clear instructions on its use. Seriously, why does literally every can of spray paint ever have some awful, vague instructions thrown on as an afterthought? Not to mention most of the words are so tiny on typical paint they’re just impossible to read!  


Spray Paint 2.0

Glooped! is a new-age spray paint that, in our opinion, is simply better than anything else. Better coverage, better adhesion, better durability. It even fills and smooths out the layer lines on 3D Prints! Say goodbye to sanding!

Glooped! mixes the best of what makes a paint with some truly amazing engineered plastic polymers. The result? Vibrant and durable finishes that can really take a beating!    


Glooped! isn’t ordinary paint…

Thousands of hours of research, development, and testing went into the creation of Glooped! And even to this day, the development hasn’t stopped!

Our scientists started created Glooped! by starting fresh and throwing conventional methods for paint formulation out the window.

(Maybe this isn’t just a figure of speech either… )

Glooped! uses a high-tech proprietary resin that suspends engineered polymer pigments in a proprietary solvent mixture. When sprayed onto a surface these solvents provide the activation energy to prep the surface of the coated object. Shortly after the object is coated, these solvents begin to evaporate in a controlled manner. The resins and polymer pigments that make up Glooped! undergo a chemical reaction with the air and begin to cross-link. (Which is basically a really cool scientific way of saying these polymers have imaginary hands and they like to grab onto one another and won't let go!) This cross-linking happens within the coating itself and with substrate material which results in a chemical bond that provides unmatched adhesion properties to most materials.

Once Glooped! is fully cured, the coating consists of millions of tiny “strings” tangled around and connected to one another countless times providing superior strength.